Healthy Habits

-for Children and their Educators

Learn how to develop a positive relationship with eating and a neutral relationship with food in just 8 weeks.

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Who is Laura Cipullo?

Laura Cipullo shares her expertise in the nutrition field by counseling clients in her private NYC nutrition practice, Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services, providing mentoring services to other registered dietitians as well as volunteering her time to help promote food and nutrition causes. President of the New York chapter of the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (iaedp), she also chairs the Food and Nutrition Committee for Corlears School.

Her wisdom and experience are consistently tapped by a variety of nationally circulated publications including Fitness, Real Simple Magazine, OK! Magazine, Today's Dietitian, Diabetes Forecast, Diabetic Living, Modern Mom, The Daily Meal, The Huffington Post, Fox News and Everyday Health. Laura also makes frequent guest appearances on local and national television shows—CBS' The Couch, Fox & Friends, The Willis Report, Headline News, several shows on Veria TV, and more.

Laura has created and authored Healthy Habits, a teaching tool in "The Mommy Manual Series" which fosters a positive approach to teaching feeding and eating all foods. She is currently working on her second book in this informative new nutrition education series. In concert with the editors of Prevention Magazine, Laura has co-authored The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet Cookbook —available for purchase in September, 2013. Laura also maintains two personal blogs: Eating and Living Moderately and Mom Dishes It Out.

What is the Mommy Manual Series?

A go-to for parents and educators, The Mommy Manual Series provides resources and tools for making healthy and practical lifestyle choices. Created by mom and registered dietitian Laura Cipullo, the series merges science and psychology to encourage adults and children alike to apply positive approaches to nutrition for everyday life.

Launched in 2013, The Mommy Manual Series is an extension of Laura's regularly-posted blog: Mom Dishes It Out. All materials featured are designed to aid in fostering positive relationships with eating and neutral relationships with food. The first edition in TMMS is Healthy Habits, a downloadable book containing 8 lessons for educators and/or parents to use when teaching nutrition and exercise.

As a health professional and a mom, Laura always appreciates receiving feedback from her readers. If you would like to contact her, please send your email to: You may also want to join our community on Facebook.

What is Healthy Habits?

Healthy Habits' mission is to help children develop positive relationships with eating and neutral relationships with food. To meet that goal, it provides honest, credible and fun-filled health education utilizing sound nutrition and exercise principles to promote positive behavioral changes. The result: The creation of healthful lifelong habits leading to optimal wellness for the entire family.

Healthy Habits was developed to give parents and educators the wherewithal to teach wholesome nutrition guidelines-specifically, how to eat all foods while being healthy because all foods are available. Educators may use Healthy Habits' lesson plans as a complete 8-week program; parents may use them as an ongoing resource by referring to each of the 8 lessons when working to raise healthy and happy eaters in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.

In short, Healthy Habits' ultimate goal is to encourage healthy lifestyles for families-confident children (and parents) living sensibly using the "Everyday Foods versus Sometimes Foods" philosophy.

Do you know the difference between a portion and a serving? No....?


"The Healthy Habits Manual, is not just another book on healthy eating, rather it is an instructional and interactive guide, complete with activity suggestions, recipes and handouts which are is great for parents to use with their children - and even teachers to use in their classroom!"

—McKinney Mommas

"Laura Cipullo's "The Mommy Manual Series" does an excellent job teaching parents how to introduce all foods and explain there are "sometimes" foods instead of "bad" foods.  She also teaches how to lead by example and I think that is one of the best lessons parents can implement with their children.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with small children."

—Allison Korson, LCSW-R, CEDS

"“Most moms that I know have complained that kids don’t come with a manual. Now, at least there is a manual to help them eat better. I need this manual!"

—Gerber Babies

"“It is an 8-week program that is so simply organized and color-coded that a child could figure it out! Wait…which, I guess, is the point. The format of the book and program was definitely created for classrooms, organizations, or groups. However, if you home school–or are simply a Type A mom–this program would be a really fun experience for you and your kids…This program is definitely a smart and easy place to start.”"

—The Real Mommy Chronicles

"In The Mommy Manual, one of Laura Cipullo's most innovative strengths is offering parents suggestions on what they should and should not say to their kids. It is so helpful for families - and adults - to have this verbal roadmap! When I look back on my own childhood and adolescent struggles around my relationship with my body and food, the harmful things adults and medical professionals said to me exacerbated my already trying negotiation with and navigation of food. Thank goodness there is now a way for adults to more safely dialogue with youth about food and feelings! Laura offers a comprehensive approach to the vulnerable relationships kids have around their bodies and food using mindfulness, distinguishing between "Planned Exercises" and "Lifestyle Exercises," ushering hands on action, discussion, and reflection, and more."

—Carol Rothstein